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Written and Produced by Helen Grace

Hey You,

I’m Helen & this is “Who You Needed” – a show made for creatives who are hungry to do some good in the world.

In order to sustain longevity in our creative practice, we encourage listeners to lean into staying in the present moment. We embrace moments, not perfection. The goal is to help you feel good & inspired!

Sometimes chuckle-worthy. Always encouraging.
Anti-clout. Pro-humble. We honor vulnerable, curious, and humble conversations.

“We fear the future because we are wasting today.”

Mother Teresa

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I'm done waiting for Candy, Give me More? // Season 2 Finale Who You Needed

The truth is, methods and strategy can only take you so far. We can have the best strategy, but if our heart and mind is not 100% in the work, you can never reach a place of fulfillment. Clarity in vision —> longevity in practice more effective as time passes It’s the ecosystem that surrounds us that pumps energy into our creative hearts – what do you value in your life & how do you achiever balance I want to leave you with the conviction and inspiration to be yourself. And let me be clear, not the social media you, the person you think you should be, or the person you know will get you the approval of your parents or friends. The vulnerable, icky, messy, beautiful, complicated you that has always been there. Maybe you started listening to this show because it’s peaceful, but I hope you continue to listen because it challenges you to seek authenticity and humble conviction to be you.
  1. I'm done waiting for Candy, Give me More? // Season 2 Finale
  2. On Taking Action as Creatives: Nothing Goes as Planned, So Do it.
  3. "interviewing my grandma" // OG Wisdom, etc.
  4. Failure Nachos / A Crunchy Perspective
  5. Unlocking Clarity, Seeking Wellness
  6. Root of the Rut
  7. Behind the Stories // Eliminating Hurry Part 2